Brandon & Liz - The Bulldog, Mid-City Engagements

I've always wanted to do a shoot at one of my favorite bars, and just all around one of the most laid back, easy going places in the city, The Bulldog, Mid-City. When Liz asked me to shoot her and Brandon's engagements, I pretty much knew it needed to be here. Part being that her dad is part owner, and the other being because it just fit them so well, and they wanted their pup Audi with them.

I've known Brandon a long time, I shoot for him pretty regularly at his shop, Express Auto Salon. He's pretty much one of the main reasons I shoot as many awesome high-end cars as I do. 

Shooting the two of them, and Audi was an absolute pleasure. They were super fun to work with, and had tons of chemistry together!

Ryan SwansonComment